Ashley & Karl Johnson

Admittedly, we think we are very blessed. Having fallen in love at a young age, we have worked hard to build a family life that centers around family. With two beautiful girls and thriving careers in fields we are passionate about, we couldn't ask for much more.

But we saw a need to build on Karl's passion of event photography.  We believe an opportunity exists to revolutionize the industry by providing better quality and faster service and as a team, we have worked to develop the technology to do so.

For more than 15 years, Karl has traveled the U.S., working on a variety of assignments that range from executive head shots and corporate lifestyle photography, event coverage for trade shows and conventions. Much of Karl's experience has been working with higher educational institutions to capture graduation ceremonies, student career development and overall event management.

Through countless events, hundreds of relationships, and thousands of photo ops, we've found that success is a combination of attention to detail and a focus on the overall experience for our clients. That combination allows us to produce compelling imagery while providing exceptional service that sets us apart. With EDUphotos, you will find that it is our mission to ease the role of the graduation administrator while documenting the best of memories for each and every student.

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Karl, can't thank you enough for shooting the Puppies in the Park benefit event for our client. Hundreds of kids, dogs, parents and spectators all over the park, but you did an amazing job of capturing it all. The shots turned out wonderfully and so did the event. Kudos!

MJ Meister MJ&Associates, LLC